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10 Million Lines of Code

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10 Million Lines of Code

Just reading the title of this article made me think that they would be using Continuous Integration. And as they were late in the game adding Unit tests, “the bulk of the codebase was written before unit testing was acknowledged as a best practice.” They use smoke tests, feature scenarios and regression tests to ensure it works programmatically and use the automated software testing tool Coverity to track down warnings and defects. Their goal is to ship a release with zero defects.

Most of all, the key to managing a large project was automation. “We automate everything that can be automated,” says Burt. “The tools make a huge difference. We maintain all the different versions of QuickBooks, on all our supported platforms, with about 60 code-writing developers. We couldn’t do that without automation.”

Building QuickBooks: How Intuit Manages 10 Million Lines of Code

Continuous integration and delivery based on automated software configuration management are the keys for developing a major retail product.

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July 31, 2012 at 9:40 am

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