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Testers in SCRUM? #agile #xp #qa

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Testers are very important in SCRUM, before the sprint they help the Product Owner to refine the User Stories are help with “How to Demo” and “Definition of Done”. Doing this during backlog grooming or analysis meetings allows the Testers to suggest User Stories for testing such as in the sidebar, and allows them to product examples which can be used for automated testing, help with sprint planning, among others.

“As a Tester, I want to read a log, so that I can verify that payments have been processed”

During the sprint, while programmers will be implementing the functionality, the testers will be implementing manual test scripts, automated tests and acceptance tests associated with the user story. In some places they develop the automated tests paired with a programmer, and in others they script the tests themselves. The testers would deliver “Running Tested Features”, preferably together with the programmer, which comply with the Definition of Done which the Product Owner, Testers and Team have defined.

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You can see that Testers are a vital part of any SCRUM team.

Image source: Wikipedia
Sources: Lance Walton, Henrik Kniberg

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October 19, 2011 at 12:03 pm

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