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Proof of Concept: XML and SQL mapping with JiBX and Hibernate #orm #hierarchy

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I was reading ESB in Action* while preparing to implement Apache ServiceMix and was interested to read about JiBX, which is a tool for binding XML data to POJOs (Plain Old Java Objects). What it immediately reminded me of was Hibernate, which does ORM (Object Relational Mapping), and the possibilities there were for integration. This brought the thought to my head that together they could be used to create a WebService which could expose features of the database easily.

JIBX example

A search brought me the view of a Hibernate developer who pointed out in 2004 that there was a “impedance mismatches here: object/relational and object/hierarchical.”[1] And I believe that would be true if it wasn’t for the fact that much of the data in relational databases is mostly hierarchical in nature. Even the core pattern of the embedded indexing in Hibernate Search assumes that the data being indexed is a nested hierarchy or inclusion hierarchy. I won’t get started on the issues that Hibernate Search has due to this impedance mismatch, needless to say there are a number.

The JiXB[2] documentation is quite clear, and makes it easy to implement.

  1. XML Marshalling/Unmarshalling
  2. A basic binding

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August 3, 2011 at 11:50 am

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