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Forban: Local Opportunistic p2p #security

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No, it’s not just another p2p/file sharing program. Forban is a local network p2p program, it’s meant for replicating ANY file to computers in the immediate proximity without requiring the Internet. As it is has a narrow focus on the local network it can also be used for Personal Area Networks consisting of laptop’s and mobile devices. I have yet to be able to install python on my digital camera, but I’m sure that this will be possible in the future.

It can be run in two modes, gossip and epidemic. Gossip mode, uses the gossip protocol to spread the files by disseminating the data the peer has to a random peer. Epidemic mode is similar to a real virus epidemic, spreading the files rapidly from one Forban server to another. Like any p2p network it requires that there are others running for it to communicate with, these can be intermittently connected to the network, whether it be a mobile device which comes into proximity of the LAN/PAN or a laptop.

It uses HTTP, and I doubt that adding authenticated HTTPS would be much of an issue once the PKI infrastructure is in place. This would make it ideal for rapidly sharing or backing up data without user interaction when you get to the office. And as it requires little user interaction, and with authenticated HTTPS this service can be left running in the background with minimal risk of the wrong people getting their hands on the data.

Forban is an old French word for pirate.

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February 1, 2011 at 10:28 pm

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P2P Money

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The French bank Credit Agricole has been testing a peer-2-peer fund transfer method, students can load upto 30 Euros in an electronic purse which is stored in their Nokia 6131 NFC phone. They can make payments in the cafeteria or send money back to their accounts. They can also transfer money from one student to another.

The transfer occurs using NFC and Bluetooth, and the communication is secured by encryption using keys stored on the phone, one assumes PKI, and funds are exchanged without contacting a central server. The logs are downloaded every time a user recharges his/her purse.

“We have a trace of all the money exchanged. There is no loss of money [and] no money created,” says Nicolas Pastorelly. I’ll believe it’s secure once somebody cracks it.

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Written by Daniël W. Crompton (webhat)

July 8, 2008 at 3:53 pm

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