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Facebook Ban: Dutch Political Party Scrambles to get House in Order #groenlinks #facebook

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As you may know I was banned from Facebook for a having a political poster as my profile page to protest against a Dutch political issue. I’m nothing like the New Yorker who is suing Facebook to get his account back, although a piece in Time magazine might be useful. 🙂

Due to the fact that this poster comes from the FB images of the Dutch political party GroenLinks they are now wondering what they are going to do, as @HuubBellemakers – who is partly responsible for the GroenLinks (election)campaigns, content strategy, online communities and social media policy – says:

mm, I need to take action because prudish Americans can't appreciate the best election poster ever. #grmbl

mm, I need to take action because prudish Americans can’t appreciate the best election poster ever. #grmbl

For Huub I’ll add my here: A nation that yields to tyrants’ might, losses more than life and property, they lose the light. (Een volk dat voor tirannen zwicht, zal meer dan lijf en goed verliezen, dan dooft het licht.)

I’m glad I can still use Twitter for Political Activism.

Image source: Dutch Pacifist Socialist Party – GroenLinks


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January 31, 2011 at 8:51 am

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Dutch Internet Pacifism Meme gets me a Facebook Block #freedom #groenlinks

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I usually don’t use this blog as a political forum, and as of changing my FaceBook profile picture to a campaign poster of the Dutch Pacifist Socialist Party, (seen left) now known as GroenLinks I was banned from Facebook. This is an Internet meme started after the decision by the Dutch political party GroenLinks neglecting their pacifist roots and opting to side with a right government and send soldiers and police to Afganistan.

What’s funny is that I didn’t even upload the picture, I just tagged it and set it as my profile picture. I warned fellow party members, and they will mostly likely not take down their protest against the Dutch political party.

I wonder if Amnesty International will take up my plight, like they took up the plight of the app developers who get banned from the Apple app store.

Image source: Dutch Pacifist Socialist Party

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January 30, 2011 at 9:45 pm

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The Do’s and Don’t’s Live Blogging an Event

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I lived microblogged my second event today, the goodbye too Roel van Duijn. It was quite fun, and I was getting some interesting looks from people as I was typing my commentary into my BlackBerry. I wasn’t entirely satisfied with the ease. Both of the events I used Ping.FM, the first using GTalk, which was easy, and the second using Ping.FM Mobile, which is terrible together with the BlackBerry browser.

Firstly I learned I should have read the following two articles, which contain handy tips:

I really should have prepared before I went, I didn’t know the names of all the guests and didn’t know the schedule. I was slightly late, and as I didn’t know I was going I didn’t really have time to prepare. I really should have used HashTags, I did think about it, but it was all going fast enough that the fleeting thought was discarded.

So I’ll know for next time to:

  • Do come prepared
  • Do know who is speaking
  • Do use an easy to use tool
  • Do use hashtags
  • Do take pictures
  • Don’t forget the names of the speakers
  • Don’t attract too much attention
  • Don’t arrive late

I’ll update this list and repost with anything which pops into my mind, and naturally comments are welcome.

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November 29, 2008 at 6:07 pm

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