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Just Finished Reading: The Silver Pigs #books

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My father walked into a charity shop in the UK. He wasn’t really looking for something, and went to browse the used books section. Which is were he found The Silver Pigs, by Lindsey Davis. Like me he’s a fan of crime novels and historical novels, so it was little wonder that he gave the book to me after finishing it.

This is the first book in the Falco series, albeit a revised version containing an author’s preface excusing the errors in previous version in particular the corrections which could not be performed due to their impact on the story. Naturally these are easily forgiven as these are not oversights, and are “[…] problems an author can face keeping up-to-date even after publication.” This was most amusing as I quickly spotted a glaring continuity error, alas I am a nitpicker.

The book itself is fun, and the protagonist Marcus Didius Falco wanders as the narrator through the Roman empire filling in the culture, environment and habits of Romans. He travels from Rome to Britannia touching briefly on the provinces which lie in between. As in a good crime novel it contains a victim, a love interest, a distraught client and a slightly less than obvious conclusion. The story’s power lies in the fact that all does not follow the formulaic story line that relies on a deus ex machina to rescue the story in the conclusion of the case.

An enjoyable read.

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September 9, 2011 at 4:36 pm

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