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Nokia Advertising with fring support? #skype

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I just saw that Nokia was advertising their C7 in the Netherlands with support for fring, I wonder what the Dutch telecom providers thought of Nokia advertising their new phone with Skype support. I wonder if T-mobile will continue to give prepaid users an unlimited data connection for €5 and make Skype available.

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March 7, 2011 at 9:55 pm

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Citizen Engineer – True Love #hack

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I just finished watching Citizen Engineer, I’m in love. No honest, there is just something about a girl and her soldering iron. There are two things which are discussed in this first episode Phones

  1. SIM Card Hacking
  2. Payphone Hacking

The first subject is handled a little too fast for my liking and doesn’t cover all the interesting parts, although it is mostly left up the the viewer to try it themselves. Payphone Hacking is covered in depth, it’s divided into 3 sections:

  • Hooking the Payphone up to VoIP
  • Fixing the Payphone so it accepts quarters
  • Creating a system which can be bypassed with a Redbox

It’s geeky, but it’s fun!

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July 28, 2008 at 7:27 pm

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Skype Contains Back Door

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According to the Skype probably contains a back door, which allows connections to be bugged. In Speculation over back door in Skype Might this also mean that it could turn your computer into a bugging device?

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July 28, 2008 at 10:40 am

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Free phone connections

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After reading the article “BBC News: Talk is cheap and getting cheaper” I thought I might try the services from the providers mentioned in the article:

Let me start by saying I’m not an expert on internet phones, SIP, Skype or Asterisk. Having said that I am running an Asterisk server with 5 international numbers: 2 from the Netherlands, 1 German, 1 Swiss and 1 UK number. It is also hooked into my own landlines and exchanges calls with my Asterisk server. I’ve also hooked in a tiptel cyberBOX 100[pdf] for my Skype which is also routed into my Asterisk. So with the exception of my mobile phone my phone costs are not that high.


I received 2.00 Euros free and used it to call my home phone from my mobile. Sadly the noise reduction didn’t make my phones sing. I could only hear my voice in one of the phones at a time, which would make it difficult to interrupt my irritating friends when they are telling me a boring story I don’t want to hear. Besides from which it costs 0.12 Euros to call my mobile from a landline. There is an Outlook plugin, but I didn’t try it as I didn’t want it to mess with my contacts, besides from which I use SkypeOut as it includes my Skype addresses.


I actually assumed that this was also a phone2phone connector, but it doesn’t make clear how to do this. It is a SIP service and it’s possible to get 0207 (London) and 0870 numbers, but this costs £11.75


They offers calls from my landline to my mobile for 0.10 Euros, but as with Jajah the quality leaves a lot to be desired. Being a SIP service means they also offer all the possibilities that a standard SIP service does. (FYI: is the same company as

Project Gizmo

Seems like one of the nicest of the above. A call-in number for 3 or 12 month cost $12 and $35 respectively, although you can get a free area 775 number. Again it’s a SIP service. (I must say I might hook up the free area 775 number to my Asterisk, if I have the time to test it out.)


It didn’t surprise me that all of the above are SIP services or that they actually cost money. Nor did it surprise me that the overall quality was poor. What did surprise me is that I found nothing new in the features offered. Basically they setup an Asterisk server, bought a range of phone numbers, cheap minutes, bandwidth, and a space on a phonebank. And now they are earning money.

Perhaps I should start an Internet PBX, or just open up the one I’m using now. Although I think the real killer app would be having a service which chooses the cheapest service for each call and routes the calls according to the price.

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Written by Daniël W. Crompton (webhat)

August 12, 2006 at 7:27 pm

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