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Flailing Gracefully

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Flailing Gracefully
Once the issues are fixed you might be able to use the information that I am sharing below.

I’ve discussed this many times before, one of the important things to do when you create something new and release it to the public is to fail gracefully. Robustness is not only in ensuring that your system is accessible, it’s also ensuring that users are not forced to see Blue Screens of Death, 404 pages or ugly backtraces.

The other side of the coin is an issue I struggle with, I am told that it is sometimes not clear that an error occurred in my software. For example a sidebar widget might just not appear, which is not always appropriate.

The fail whale is preferable to the issue the +NOD3x guys have.

UPDATE: Their issue is being resolved, and we now have a friendly Don’t Panic message… 🙂
Jeff Jockisch
NOD3x  – Weird name, great analysis tool

Below is my G+ network visualized.

But you can also search for terms to see who is talking about what!

And it links in CircleCount profile info.

Access it here:

Here is more about the tool:

cc/ NOD3x CircleCount Lee Smallwood 

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