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Writing for Social, Defending for Court (via @louisgray)

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As I revisited my own words, I was comforted to see they were not only accurate, but mirrored my testimony and helped answer the questions. I was intrigued to see the mix of content coming from LinkedIn, Google+ and Quora as forming the exhibit summary for the case, and glad that my honest and direct approach to social networking meant I didn’t have to explain away any hyperbole, sarcasm or misdirection.
Louis Gray – Writing for Social, Defending for Court
Many of us have read cautionary stories about content posted online to personal accounts that has impacted work. A few weeks ago, I participated in a deposition. Entered as exhibits were pieces of content I had shared to LinkedIn, Google+ and Quora. It was a great reminder that one cannot always anticipate where content shared online can have an impact. Read the full post on the blog or follow the page. Writing for Social, Defending for Court

Earlier this month, I had an interesting experience, being asked to participate in a deposition, taking questions from a legal team as part of an ongoing case. While I’ll skip the details out of d…

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March 31, 2012 at 8:11 am

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