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GOTO Amsterdam 2012 organizer Trifork violating @Eventbrite TOS #fraud [UPDATED]

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I believe that violations of terms of services can occur for many different reasons, usually this comes from not reading them. I am the first to complain about unfair terms, or the faulty application of terms to non-violators. Some violations are so blatant that they should be mentioned. And that’s where this tale starts:

This afternoon I got the following mail from Trifork, the organizer of GOTO Amsterdam 2012:

Hi Danïel,

I can see that you have found our great conference GOTO Amsterdam 2012 on Eventbrite.
If you would like to attend the conference you should register here:
We do not use the ticket-sale on Eventbrite – the conference is only there to get attention.

Thank you so much,
Amalie Trifork A/S

This was surprising as the event was being promoted on Eventbrite as a free event, and as you may know Eventbrite is free for free events. So I checked what the price was on the GOTO site, almost €700 for an event which they are promoting as free. Besides from violating the TOS, it is clear they are defrauding Eventbrite in the process and harming their brand. Naturally Eventbrite would be forced to respond in such a case to ensure their TOS is enforced.

“[…] You agree to unconditionally accept, honor, and fulfill all ticketing commitments that have been confirmed by EVENTBRITE through the Services, […]”
Except from Eventbrite Terms of Service[] § 4.4.b

Trifork is naturally harming its own brand too, together with Basho they deliver a solution to management of all the private health data for the Danish government and their citizens.


Naturally after being told of this issue they decided to change everything and deny it had ever happened in the following mail, naturally I have the screenshots.

As you can see at the page of our event at Eventbrite – it says that the registration hasn’t opened yet – so at the time you registered you were told that it hadn’t open by then and that the registration is at our site.


Eventbrite has now removed this event:

Eventbrite Customer Support, Mar 29 01:25 pm (PDT):
Hi Daniël,

Thanks so much for getting in touch with this. You’re correct, we are not an event listing service and it is in violation of our Terms of Service to link to outside ticketing platforms. My apologies for any inconvenience you’ve experienced.

For Amalie-

We have unpublished the event page referenced above per our Eventbrite Terms of Service.

We are unable to list events on our site that link to outside ticketing systems. You must be able to sell tickets through Eventbrite in order to use the platform. Your event page can be restored if ALL references outside ticketing systems are removed and you are using Eventbrite as your ticketing service. To ensure that your account remains in good standing, please note that any event page published on our site needs to comply with our Terms of Service. You may reference our Terms of Service at .

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation,

Image source: Eventbrite, me

Written by Daniël W. Crompton (webhat)

March 29, 2012 at 6:16 pm

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