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Proof of Concept: Google+ as your Blog

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Google+ as your Blog (Concept using the G+ API)

There has been a lot of talk by bloggers on Google+ about potentially moving a lot of their blogging across to this social media platform. Whilst there is (for some) a much more engaging audience here, it does not really double as a landing page for writers to onsell their services or to display talent (other than writing/photography). It is for this reason that most will probably still continue to post to their blog as well as Google+.

I know many are holding out for the API to allow writing directly to Google+ but this seems quite a while off based on comments made by Googlers. What I am showing you now is a concept where Google+ is used as your content management system, and your blog is a mirror of it. The site is still customisable in every way that a normal websites allows, yet it pulls all of it’s data for the blog from Google+ saving on rewriting/formatting. You can see all comments, and stats on +1s and reshares, shared photographs and video.

This is something I would LOVE to see Google integrate into Blogger.


You can see my own public posts as a blog here:

Or see what your own blog would look like by putting your profile ID in the URL. ID/

Please note that because API calls a limited at the moment, once they are used up for the day new profiles will not be created.

This is just a concept – let me know your thoughts

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Written by Daniël W. Crompton (webhat)

October 7, 2011 at 8:26 am

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