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Kings of Code Conference #kingsofcode

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This week I went to the Kings of Code Conference, to “explore and discuss the latest trends, developments and best practices in web and mobile development technologies.” It included a hackbattle, lots of presentations and free beer.


On the first day we were introduced to the various APIs that the sponsors had, among others PayPal’s Adaptive Payment, musiXmatch, Tropo and Moby Picture. It was up to the HackBattle contestants to develop a great app or web services in just under 36 hours on top of these APIs and SDKs.

Hackers Dinner
  • CheckPlease – Going Dutch build by the Dutch. Having trouble sorting out the bill at the end of a drunken night? This app allows you to split the payment between friends. Try it here.
  • DistroBot – Creates ISOs to deploy on your CloudServices it can be done without human interaction. Build with Pythons and builds Debian ISOs. They want to integrate it with Amazon, OpenStack and RackSpace. And they want it to build ISOs for many different platforms.
  • nihao – Translates songs and guess the name of the song based on the translation. Try it here.
  • Chap – Find a interesting location to go to and make an appointment certain time with one of your foursquare friends. You can find it here.
  • – Competitive geo location game using QR/barcodes, you check in a barcode which is attached to a location. Your friends need to check in at that location with that barcode. You can find the game here when it goes live.
  • ZuuQ – Challenge game for the city of Amsterdam. You start with a score and use these to pay for hints, implements Picture Hints, Phone Hints and Song Hints. To finish the challenge you scan the QR code at the location and win.


  • ZuuQ and implemented the MobyPicture API – won.
  • ZuuQ wins their implementation of musiXmatch API
  • wins for their implementation of Mashape’s barcode API.
  • nihao won the vote from TNW and the popular vote at the conference.

Conference Day

Monday was also very interesting. It started with a talk by Tim Anglade discussing NOSQL, with some interesting topics raised. Mostly warning that NOSQL is not the solution to your issues, understanding how you can improve your current database: caching, indexing, optimizing. And a lot of the talk reminded me of discussions we were having building similar solutions using a custom implementation of the LDAPv3 standard.

Stephen Nelson-Smith explained what Chef (similar to Puppet) was and why I should care, and I do! Stephen says sysadmins should treat infrastructure as code, with version control, distributability, testing and continuous integration. And this is what Chef enables.

Further there were speakers talking about HTML5, creating APIs, node.js, declarative applications and Varnish. It all finished with what was supposed to be a talk by Werner Vogels about Big Data, and ended being a – in my opinion – far less useful question and answer session.

All in all I found the conference and the hackbattle excellent, special mention of Sam Warnaars for taking such good care of us all!

Image source: Kings of Code

Written by Daniël W. Crompton (webhat)

September 23, 2011 at 1:35 pm

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  1. Small error, Zuuq didn’t win the barcode API, did. 🙂 Great article!!

    Tjarko Rikkerink

    September 25, 2011 at 9:35 am

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