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Recently I had a discussion about DVB-C and Analog

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Recently I had a discussion with Ger Nijkamp about the issues that are involved in the delivery of Analog and Digital (DVB-C) signals, and the issues with addressing the last mile, bandwidth, compression and <24fps artifacts.

Today I was reading the IBC edition of Broadcast Engineering and spotted this article discussing a Unified Media Server. The system described in the article addresses the issues of bandwidth and compression. Rather than continuously adding new channels to enable delivery to new and next generation devices – in an already complex, fragmented and inflexible network environment – one can unify the delivery in one channel delaying the production of the tailored content using the JIT – Just In Time – strategy. The content is tailor to each individual device at the time it is needed, added to which the server has the flexibility to use adaptive stream which meets the requirements of the target device and network at the time of delivery.

This method means the need for discrete media services is negated, and more importantly it means that the content is stored in a single preferred format, reducing the storage requirement for the centralized storage. For optimalisation the content can also be transfer to edge servers that are closest to the viewer.

Multiscreen delivery

For broadcasters and other content providers, the dropping price of bandwidth combined with the proliferation of video-capable devices PCs, smartphones, set-top boxes, gaming consoles and tablets ough…

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September 8, 2011 at 8:04 pm

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