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One Year of Real Money #cash #credit #debit

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Last year in June I wanted to use an ATM in France, due to the illogical layout of the ATM keyboard I managed to get the message that my debit card was blocked. I was lucky that my girlfriend also had an ATM card, so the holiday wasn’t washed out.

I didn’t think it was important enough to get my plastic back – I procrastinated – as there was no problem paying in cash … most places. Notably in company canteens, it looks like for efficiency and security reasons many of the canteens in companies I visit require plastic, even for the vending machines. Naturally this was no trouble for me as I could always find a friendly person who would be willing to pay for me with their plastic and take cash in return.

Just because you’re paranoid
Doesn’t mean they’re not after you.

Territorial Pissings, Nirvana

I had also neglected to request a new credit card after the last one expired – I am not automatically send one – so I suddenly started to lose subscription that I had had for a while. The only exception being December when my domain names were about to expire when I asked a friend of me to charge to his card in return for cash, he gave them to me for Christmas.

After 7 months without plastic I was starting to see living without plastic as a challenge. By only going places where they accept cash, which were less than I expected and even not so large denominations are often refused due to the lack of small change in the cash register. Some businesses are traditionally cash only or primarily cash, although I slowly saw a shift that these companies where taking to plastic with the push by banks and the government to accept plastic for smaller and smaller payments. And afaik even making it punishable by a fine to levy a tariff for plastic payments.

After 12 months when I really needed some money I decided to see whether the canceled card was truly canceled and discovered to my surprise that the card hadn’t been canceled at all. So I started using plastic again, although just to get cash. Cash rules!

Image source: Bill McKay


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September 2, 2011 at 4:37 pm

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