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Just Finished Reading: The Internet is a Playground #books

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I advised The Internet is a Playground to a close friend, and he thought it was brilliant. I also think David Thorne is hilarious and have read most of the posts, if not all, on 27b/6. Which is why I thought I would love this book, I was sadly mistaken. Thorne is brilliant, and although his anecdotes and mail exchanges are hysterical the first time and amusing the next many loose a lot in the retelling. There are some obvious exceptions to this, but I was saddened by the lack of much new material.

Thorne manages to turn most of his personal attacks on people in to humorous anecdotes, turning round the impositions people put on him against the person. Whether it is making graphics, a poster for a missing cat or selling him a pair of bad gloves. Even attacks on him for being petty, bigoted or lazy are turned round against the attackers showing that their attacks stem from their own interpretation. I’d even go so far as to say that their dislike of Thorne stems from a dislike of aspects of themselves.

I would certainly recommend this book to somebody who has not read the posts on his website. I must say that while reading the book my girlfriend asked me to stop laughing multiple times, and left the house. I think she’s jealous of my relationship with David Thorne.

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June 19, 2011 at 10:43 am

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