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Write something: To translate news for people #blogging

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This item continues the section “Write something:”, which I hope will inspire you to write something for yourself using the keyword. The topic for today is: Translation.

How do I write a translation?

When I speak and read the language writing a translation looks and sounds easy, and it is when I am translating from a foreign language to one of the languages I speak as a native. However context is always important when translating something, perhaps I’ve been following a news item in a number of languages and have formed the context in my mind. That doesn’t mean that the reader of my blog post has this same context.

What I do to ensure this is to check which large news organizations have covered this, however shallow the coverage may have been, and reference these as well as the original sources in my post. You will often see the [1] citation block in my posts, and sometimes my emails, these are to clarify the source and add background to the story. This is specially important when writing a translation for which my audience may not have been able to form a context.

Another way to do this is by starting with an interesting news story from a large news organization and creating a context and a background that the organization may not have highlighted due to poor research on the part of the author or even a political slant that the news organization may have.

Finally there may be item in which I have an interest and which appear in a language I know poorly or don’t know at all, I can use an online translation tool and fill in the blanks with my knowledge and research.

When you decide to do translations of news stories on a regular basis it can be handy to use more professional translation tools to aid – computer aided translation – and to create a corpus for yourself – perhaps per subject – to help in the translation of these items.

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Image source: Jerry Wong

Written by Daniël W. Crompton (webhat)

March 25, 2011 at 8:38 am

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