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Just Finished Reading: “Islands in the Net” #wikileaks #books #datahaven

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I’m reading Bruce Sterling‘s Islands in the Net – Amazon describes it as

Slightly dated science fiction about the near future can be fun, especially when it evokes a strange, chaotic, and dangerous world that’s uncomfortably close to our present one.

And the irony is that Amazon is involved in a situation with chilling parallels, with Wikileaks and lesser known Amazon customers being called data pirates, similar to the way they are described in the book.

Of course there are already existing data havens like , and there is the new creation of a data haven for journalists and free speech in Iceland.[1] Other data havens are almost certainly in creation, as described in another work of fiction . I believe that these are most probably currently being hosted in encrypted clusters by Google and Amazon, with or without their knowledge, and almost certainly these exist in smaller countries.

The next parallel is the violations of copyrighted materials by these data pirates, there is serious money in piracy just look at China and the streets of New York or any other major city. It’s already possible to become a paid member of a piracy group online – comparable to a piracy Netflix – where in exchange for your payment you get a monthly allotted number of points to use to download films and television series collecting points by sharing a fixed ratio more than you download, and where everything is tracked by the torrent tracker.

There are other parallels, but for that I advise you read the book…

  1. Wikileaks and Iceland MPs propose ‘journalism haven’

Written by Daniël W. Crompton (webhat)

December 12, 2010 at 3:18 pm

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