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USENET still going strong, and more environmentally friendly than BitTorrent ;) #internet #torrent

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2004 MSR Netscan Usenet Treemap by number of Posts

I like pronouncing things dead as much as the next guy, and don’t feel bound by facts. As I previously said in Death of USENET I don’t think is dead, and neither do the statistics[1].

Usenet traffic per day

The war against trackers and users of bittorrent continues while all these movies and CDs can easily be downloaded from USENET servers across the world without too much trouble and without revealing your IP to the world. The ISPs are slowly removing this service for their customers, opting rather to deal with the increased traffic to their network uplink rather than promoting the use of the USENET servers they host containing exactly the same material as their leeching customers want.

Besides from cheaper for the ISPs, it’s also more environmentally friendly! 😉 Rather than wasting bits and bytes and the network impact that has on the internet it’s a form of recycling where the ISP uses a limited amount of bandwidth to download the data from it’s peers and redistributes this to the users who are going to download illegally any way. These left over bits and bytes can be used to transport more important things, or can be turned into art projects by art students.

  1. Usenet traffic today (wikipedia)

Images courtesy of Marc Smith and Wikipedia.

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December 6, 2010 at 10:51 am

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