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Just Finished Reading “Redwall: Mossflower” #books

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Mossflower by Brian Jacques is probably my favourite of the Redwall series, the site that castle Kotir is build on is where Redwall Abbey will eventually be build. This is the beginning of Redwall.

After freeing Marshank and heading south Martin the Warrior is captured in Mossflower and his sword is broken by a wildcat Tsarmina, daughter of Verdauga whose tyranny reigns over Mossflower wood. Martin meets Gonff the Mousethief, the new friends escape from castle Kotir and go on a quest to Salamandastron to find Boar, father of Bella to help take back Mossflower from the wildcats. But first they will have to defeat Boar’s mortal enemy Ripfang the searat who torments Salamandastron.

I love all the Redwall books, and this one is no different.

Written by Daniël W. Crompton (webhat)

July 5, 2010 at 9:33 pm

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