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The Ladders’ fictional Betty Boss is hiring #recruitment

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created a fictional recruiter Betty Boss and interviewed her for the newsletter. They also share the reasons Betty didn’t hire me, so I would like to respond to fictional Betty Boss:

Hi Betty, thanks for allowing me to respond.

I never saw your resume

That’s true, you asked the recruiter to not reveal the company they were hiring for. They also couldn’t tell me the price they wanted to pay for my skills, so I didn’t send it. In the same way I am one of many, you are also just one of many.

Your resume didn’t grab me

That’s strange, I followed most of The Ladders’ recommendations and have a very impressive resume. Although I doubt you understood half of what was in my resume, that’s why I put all the dumb phrases such as “Saved €500k in licensing costs.”

The interview was a nice chat

It wasn’t, it was awful, you had no idea what I was talking about. I had to dumb down my technical knowledge as you had little idea what I was talking about, you thought that profile was more important than technical knowledge, then you corrected me on a number of things, obviously to show off you knowledge and you got it wrong. I got the impression you were more concerned with putting me in a box than listening to what I had to say.

You never said you wanted this job

You didn’t make a very good impression on me, I had my doubts about wanting the job, even though I was enthusiastic when I came in.

I heard back from somebody else first

That is an excuse, and you know it. If you want to give me the brush-off just be honest. Please.

I’m looking to build out the team with a variety of perspectives

Which is a shame, if I was you I would be more concerned with results.

I’m looking for somebody with a different industry background

What industry? There are very few industries I haven’t worked for, and even if I haven’t worked in your industry it’s doubtful that the basic process is much different.

We haven’t had success with profiles similar to yours in our organization

That’s doubtful, I’ve worked in different profiles and have developed to work in different kinds of company. The idea that your company is different from any of the others is an illusion, it’s not. And I would have loved to make it our company, you didn’t even give me a chance.

I’m looking for somebody with more / less experience

Another excuse, you want to pay me less money than I’m asking, so you have the need to justify not hiring me. That’s fine, offer me less and see what happens. It’s business, negotiation is allowed.


Written by Daniël W. Crompton (webhat)

June 28, 2010 at 5:07 pm

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