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I’m going to give you some blog statistics for this week. On the 28th General Musing had the highest recorded hits, since it started on the 1st of July, at 160 over a period of 24 hours. That’s two hits more than my previous maximum, on the 9th.

This maximum was partly caused by the posting of the Tron 2 trailer link, which received 24 hits. At one point that day General Musing was ranked under search position 50 for my front page. I confirmed this with the queries “tr2n” and “tron 2″, using both on Google and Yahoo!. Luckily front pages change, but it means that General Musing is not even near the top 300 on either search engine any more using these queries. Still it continues to get hits from somewhere.

google hottred July 2008
Google’s Hot Trends for “tr2n” and “tron 2″

Another thing I found interesting was the “Rabobank has insecure SMS banking“, which was an older post was suddenly uplifted. It received 9 hits the day after it was posted on the 9th, and 19 days later there was a sudden surge in the interest. The Larry King divorce story is still getting some hits every day. The top searches being used to reach my blog were “cert 800113” and naturally “tr2n trailer.”

That means that for the 31st of July I had a grand total of 2414 hits on my blog which is approximately 77.87 hits every day. My general statistics for the last couple of days are slightly slanted as I hardly posted anything, but I still received a minimum of 62 hits.

The conclusion is really live on the edge of the news, and post about famous people. Back to the grind stone.

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Written by Daniël W. Crompton (webhat)

August 2, 2008 at 6:12 am

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  1. It was really good info,
    Thank you so much.

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